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About ILAD


ILAD ''The Communication Research Association - Turkey''


Targets and objectives of ILAD are based on conducting and supporting researches in communication, having collaborations with international communication researchers, monitoring agenda of media and communication both on national and international level, and supporting the information exchange.

ILAD has been working to be an External Quality Assurance Agency in order to align European Standards on the Turkish higher education in communication. It has applied to the competent public authority ‘YÖK’ to be recognised as a quality assurance agency .


ILAD Activities

Ø Some of the national panels, conferences and symposiums organised by ILAD are:

Ø Media Ownership and the Cases of Maxwell and Murdoch (at Press Museum 29 september 1990)

Ø Privatisation of Radio and Television (January 1991) Bülent Ecevit invited as Keynote speaker.

Ø Satelite Broadcasting and Turkey (at Press Museum, 17 March 1990)

Ø Municipalities and Communication (at the Office of Turkish Journalists Association, 30 March 1991)

Ø ''News Media and International Conflicts” symposium organized with IAMCR, (June 1991) Tarabya Hotel, Istanbul

Ø Media Responsibility organized with UNESCO (at Sepetçiler Kasrı, Istanbul, 14 January 1994)

Ø Media and Public Interest (Anadolu University, Eskisehir, 1994)

Ø Ethical Issues in Mass Communication” (November 1994)

Ø Media and Globalisation/Mondialisation”. A conference held by Prof. Armand Mattelard, 2002 (ILAD social club)

Ø IFJ members’ visit to ILAD, a meeting on the labour conditions of journalists, 2002

Ø “2nd Turkish Journalists Conference” in Memory of The First Turkish Journalists Conference in 1955 (January 2005)

Ø Conference Series in the Project of Media Monitoring, 2006-2008

Ø Presentations of postgraduate and doctoral theses on media and communication 2004-2008

Ø 4th European Communication Conference with European Communication Research Association-ECREA in İstanbul (24-27 October 2012)

ILAD has also been active in contributing to many national and local seminars and conferences organised by universities and local journalists associations

ILAD Awards


ILAD gives communication awards in three categories each year.

1-     Communication Award in honour of Dr Hıfzı Topuzto one media staff in order to appreciate ethical behaviour.

2-      “Journalism Award in honour of Muserref Hekimoğlu  to one successful young female journalist.

3-      “The Communication Research of the Year Award is given to the best research in communication  chosen by the jury.


The history of ILAD, as being an Association of Communication Research, goes back to 1986. National President of UNESCO- Suat Sinanoğlu, President of Turkish Journalists Association-Nezih Demirkent and Dr. Hifzi Topuz realised the idea of the need for a communication association in Turkey which  was reinforced by the communication academics, journalists and writers. In 1989 the Association gained a legal status for research in communications on regional and international level. Dr. Hıfzı Topuz is the Founder President.

Targets and objectives of ILAD are based on conducting and supporting researches in communication, having collaborations with international communication researchers, monitoring agenda of media and communication both on national and international level, and supporting the exchange of information.

After having had several relocations during the foundation period, ILAD owns a meeting office and a social clubhouse in Beyoglu-Taksim since 2000. The Executive board organizes in its clubhouse once a month dinner-conferences on current issues which are open to ILAD members and researchers.

ILAD has more than 300 members. The members are communication scholars (junior and senior), journalists and writers.


ILAD Publications:

Ø ILAD newsletters (“İletişim Araştırma Bülteni”) ’The Bulletin of Communication Research’

Ø Monopolisation of Press (Basında Tekelleşmeler) 1989 (with collaboration of TÜSES)

Ø Vision on Radio and Television Systems of the Future (Yarının Radyo TV Düzeni) 1990 (with collaboration of TÜSES)

Ø Research Techniques and Methods in Communication (Araştırma Yöntemleri, Teknikleri ve İletişim) (Prof. Aysel Aziz)

Ø And Communication - A gift book dedicated to Prof. Dr. Ersan İlal (Prof. Dr. Ersan İlal'e armağan. Ve İletişim..) Editor Prof.  Dr. Aysel Aziz

Ø The Revolution Years  of Communication - A gift book dedicated to Dr. Hıfzı Topuz (İletişimde Devrim Yılları- Dr. Hıfzı Topuz'a armağan kitap) Editor: Füsun Özbilgen



ILAD Honorary President Dr. Hıfzı Topuz

Members of the Managing Board 

ILAD President                        Prof. Dr. Aysel Aziz

ILAD Vice President                  Recep Yaşar 

ILAD Secretary                        Füsun Özbilgen

ILAD Accountant                       Dursun Güleryüz

ILAD Managing Board Member   Prof. Dr. Nazife Güngör

ILAD Managing Board Member   Prof.Dr. Jale Sarmaşık

ILAD Managing Board Member   Sibel Asna

Associate Managing Board Members

Ass. Managing Board Member   Associate Prof. Müge Demir Ayral

Ass. Managing Board Member   Asst. Prof. Nejla Polat

Ass. Managing Board Member  Asst. Prof. Nalan Büker 

Ass. Managing Board Member   Asst. Prof. Hale Yaylalı

Ass. Managing Board Member   Asst. Prof. Hüseyin Kazan

Ass. Managing Board Member   Asst.Prof. İlknur Kalay


Supervisory Board Members

ILAD Supervisory Board President   Asst.Prof. Aysun Köktener

ILAD Supervisory Board Member   Engin Başçı

ILAD Supervisory Board Member   Şermin Topçu


Associate Supervisory Board Members

ILAD Ass. Supervisory Board Member Selçuk Öziş

ILAD Ass. Supervisory Board Member Associate Prof. Ayşe Asker

ILAD Ass. Supervisory Board Member Associate Prof. Deniz Akbulut


             Honour Board Members


              ILAD Honour Board Member  Prof. Dr. Nermin Abadan Unat

              ILAD Honour Board Member   Prof. Dr. Özden Cankaya

              ILAD Honour Board Member   Prof. Dr.Haluk Şahin 

              ILAD Honour Board Member   Prof. Dr. Şükran Esen

              ILAD Honour Board Member   Hüsamettin Ünsal 


             Associate Onur Board Members

             ILAD Associate Onur Board Member   Prof. Dr. Mesut Önen

             ILAD Associate Onur Board Member   Prof. Dr. Filiz Tiryakioğlu

             ILAD Associate Onur Board Member   Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Timisi

             ILAD Associate Onur Board Member   Şükran Soner

             ILAD Associate Onur Board Member   Atilla Özsever





 ILAD Office Contact Information  


Iletisim   Arastirmalari Dernegi

Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Cad. Ortaklar İş Merkezi 71/56

Kadıköy, İstanbul



Mail:  ilad@ilad.org.tr

Website: www.ilad.org.tr